Behold the Ultimate Writing Desk

Yes. That is correct, dear reader. The super awesome Ultimate Writing Desk was finally finished this past week after months of intensive labor, profanity, and a handful of boo-boos remedied with more profanity.

Now, this is not the desk’s final home. This is what is affectionately known in this home as Spare oom as it serves no real purpose as of yet. My actual office is in the process of being redone, so in the meantime I’m moving operations next door.

Let’s start the tour! You can see here my tea kettle has itself a nice little perch an arm’s length away for easy relief or for use as a bludgeoning tool for anyone sneaking into the Writer Cave. What’s all that next to it you ask? I’m glad you’ve noticed.

What we have here is the Pantry. Special racks designed to hold tins of tea and varieties of cocoa. And in the drawers?

Tea. Like so much tea. Obnoxious amounts of tea. This is what I get for buying in bulk and having an addiction to beverages that make me feel British.

And of course, no Writer’s abode would be complete without a lot of shelf space…And I’m not satisfied with the mile or so of shelving I have in my office already.

Filled it with writing books up top and research books on the bottom, filling up the space with awesome where necessary…

So…somewhere around thirty hours of labor and a decent chunk of change, and my bouncing baby beast of a desk has been born. It doesn’t bounce, though. I couldn’t get that to work…

Where do you do your best writin’?!

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