Social Networking and Young Adult Writing VIDEO!!!

So, for anyone not aware, I recently finished my graduate degree!!! Woo!!! I’ll soon be the proud owner of a Master of Education in Instructional Technology.

For one of my final classes, I was allowed to dive into my lovely writing career. It involved closely watching my own social networking as I tried to establish myself as a hopeful writer.

Now, I could go and let you read some research paper about my wonderful experience with all of this…

But how about you just watch this snazzy video instead. Well sorta video. It’s more of a slide show, really. But not all that boring. I suggest going full screen for this one.  Hopefully you enjoy it!!!

Feel free to make comments! This was my final project for the class, and hopefully you’ll agree with my professor and give it a good grade!
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  1. Kat Ellis says:

    This is such an awesome video – I never got to do clever and fancy-lookin' things like this when I was studying!

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