The Hiatt Home Garden Part 1

So, I’ve had many requests to show off my new house. While I think it’d be creepy to give you this full tour of my home (there are many Hiatt Groupies out there…right…?), I want to give you guys something.

You get to see the evolution of certain bits. Right now I know it’ll be my writing office, including my awesome new desk, and my indoor garden. Unless I get an intriguing request for something else.

One of the reasons I fell in love with this house is right at the front door, there’s a long line of planters built in.

This here is my velociraptor guard, provided by my ever tolerant Melissa. He is awaiting a plant to call his own, but I’m leaning towards finding a nice cactus soon.

And beside him is the only plant I took from my parents’ garden (the garden I tended for years), a nice strawberry plant.

And, because I enjoy cooking from time to time, here is the garlic patch.

And this is my herb patch, again for the cook in me. Chives, Basil, and Oregano.

Now, outside I have the standard tomato, cucumber, etc. garden going. This one is getting more attention right now, because I’ve already mastered the fine art of growing outside.

As of this posting, this garden has already changed and grown. But the fun part is, I get to make you folks wait to see what the pictures will look like next!!!

Any tips? Requests? Hate mail for caging up strawberry plants that are meant to roam free across the open plains?

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  1. Hello, my name is Melissa, first time poster, long time follower!
    To those Hiatt groupies…
    The velociraptor guard has gained the much desired cactus, named Spike. It is such a good guard, that it took me almost a week to get all the spines out of my little fingers! Granted, I got bit before Spike became a resident. Word to the wise…be careful with wobbly painful plant when putting them in cars. Or don't be accident prone. Something like that…
    There is also a yet to be named cactus/succulent chilling out.
    Hope everyone is enjoying the good weather!!
    Hopefully more pictures to follow soon!

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